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Magnetic Posters

Our magnetic posters allow you to use posters again and again. These posters are printed on the same vinyl paper as our normal posters, but are backed with a ferrous sheet so that they can be used in conjunction with the magnetic boards supplied by the local branch office. These posters are slightly narrower than the board to facilitate fitting. Please note that these posters are not the same as those offered by the branch office.

Magnetic posters can be ordered here



The posters measure approx. 595mm x 360mm

Storing your posters

Magnetic signs must be stored either flat on a metal surface or rolled
up in a tube (the postal tube they were delivered in should do). Do not roll signs
tightly – roll as large as can be easily fit into the delivery tube.


Do not damage signs by folding, creasing, or putting heavy objects on
top of them. If signs should get severely bent out of shape due to poor
maintenance, you may be able to  straighten them out
by placing them on a flat surface for a day or so.

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