Lit-Cart Digital Printing
Lit-Cart Digital Printing 

Posters are available for the current magazines as described on the branch web page.


While all posters are printed using a water-resistant pigment, they are also laminated to protect the graphics from the weather and handling.






The self-adhesive vertical posters are approx. 580mm x 370mm (h X w) in size. Magnetic and ferrous backed posters measure approx. 580mm x 358mm. Cutting the vertical posters just below the copyright message means a saving on ink and paper. The bottom of the posters is well covered  when placed behind a display of magazines or brochures.




All horizontal posters are approx. 375mm x 515mm (h x w). The self-adhesive posters are designed to be used with the boards which are used with a table or stand. Plain paper posters are all printed on weather-resistant paper and are  designed to be used with the literature walls and simply slot into the top window.

Foreign Languages

For foreign language groups/congregations, the posters are available in the languages as offered on If you do not see the language you require offered on this web site, Then simply order via Email. Please check that the language you require available before ordering. If you do not stipulate a language on your order, then English language posters will be shipped.

When ordering please remember to give publication name, month/year ( in case of the magazines), orientation, and language, or simply download and use the order form

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