Lit-Cart Digital Printing
Lit-Cart Digital Printing 

About Lit-Cart Posters

Lit-Cart Posters is run By William Canfield as a sole trader. I originally started printing posters for the local congregation using software and an A4 printer, glueing the poster pieces together. In 2014 I purchased a wide format printer which enabled me to print the posters in one piece. Neighbouring congregations started to ask me to print their posters also.


I extended this service because I found there was a real need for someone to print the art work for the public witnessing carts at an affordable price and reasonable quality.


I am happy to be in a position to offer this service to any congregation wishing to have a share in this part of our ministry.

We offer:

  • photo to canvas printing

  • personalized gift items

  • printing service for public witnessing posters on either subscription or one-off basis

  • a small range of accessories for the literature cart

  • Printing location and times for invitations etc.

  • Printing of visual aids up to A1 size for use in public talks etc.


Any questions?

Simply give us a call:


+44 1626 332445


or use our contact form.